The Nuff Children’s Book
The Nuff Children’s Book
The Nuff Children’s Book

The Nuff Children’s Book

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Through a series of adventures, a unicorn with a broken horn discovers the truth about herself and what it means to be enough... or a NUFF. The mission of the book is to inspire girls everywhere to know that they are enough. Ultimately, The Nuff learns that her confidence is not derived from what she does, but from who she already is.
  • Key Themes: authenticity, resilience, and self-assurance


About the Author

Veronica Waldrop

Veronica was the mother of two beautiful girls, Natalia and Nina, and the beloved wife of Will Waldrop. Veronica was a dreamer, a writer and a storyteller who found joy in building relationships and sharing experiences with everyone she met. Veronica had a special gift for connecting with others through her authenticity and enthusiasm.

During her two-year battle with breast cancer, Veronica wrote a magical tale for her daughters to inspire them after she was gone. She finished the poem only days before passing away on November 4, 2017.

Through The Nuff, she hoped to empower girls everywhere to be the bold and confident women they were created to be. Veronica left the world an enduring, heartwarming story of unconditional love, hope and perseverance.


About the Illustrator

Cat Elliott

 Cat was born and raised in Baton Rouge and currently resides in Ruston, Louisiana, where she is a marketing and creative specialist. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University. Through a lifetime of painting, Cat has developed a loose, impressionistic style. When she’s not painting, Cat enjoys playing the piano, cooking, and skydiving.