The Baby Bump Journal

The Baby Bump Journal

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You're pregnant! Preserve the excitement and anticipation of this special time leading up to baby's arrival. This is not a baby book, but rather it's a space for mom to journal her thoughts, special (or difficult) moments and memories during her pregnancy. A details page with prompted questions provides space for you to record all the little things you and your child will want to remember in years to come:

  • When you are due to arrive
  • When I first found out I was expecting
  • How we announced it
  • When I first heard your heartbeat
  • When I first felt you flutter
  • When your stronger kicks started
  • Nicknames we have for you
  • Names we're considering
  • When you finally arrived

Inside are 40 lined journal pages, with space for you to record baby's size (we've included a fruit comparison size chart), weekly changes, cravings, thoughts & feelings, and a special memory you want to hang on to. Attach ultrasound photos on the three ultrasound pages (one for each trimester), and write a letter to your child on the back of each one.

This gift-worthy keepsake is perfect for any expectant mother, and comes packaged with love in a hand-stamped drawstring bag with a foil-printed mini pencil!

Worth noting: Many baby books out there refer to mom and dad. We recognize that every family does not look the same, so we were very intentional about creating a journal that could be inclusive and accessible to many family types as well as single parents. For this reason, you'll notice that we use the term "we" to represent the partner, family members or "village" you are leaning on during your pregnancy and beyond. This story is yours and your baby's, and we hope that this journal will become deeply meaningful and cherished keepsake for both of you. Thank you for the honor of allowing us to be a part of it.