Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life
Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life
Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life
Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life

Focus: How One Word a Week Will Transform Your Life

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Live Your Life With New Focus.

Imagine if a word like joy or worship or release flowed through your life for seven days straight? What if you quit worrying about where you fall short and aspired instead to one simple truth per week, for seven straight days. Then focus on one word from God's promises for the entire year. You'll grow closer in your connection with God and be more attuned to your love for God and for others.

Through the 52 short, mind-renewing devotions in this devotional gift book, Cleere challenges you to exactly this type of transformation a challenge she accepted herself not so long ago. The only way to live a full purposeful life is by shifting your mindset, planting your feet, making your hands available and positioning your heart towards Heaven. Each week, you'll dig into one word and see the power, importance, and relevance of that word in Scripture. There is a ''Focus Tip'' after each weekly devotion offering practical wisdom for personal application each day, additional bible verses for deeper bible study, and a short prayer you can remember so you can pray your word every day to help keep your focus. Then at the end of each month you'll find reflective questions, or ''Taking Inventory,'' to help you see how much you ve grown by focusing on each of the four words that month followed by a guided gratitude prayer.

Don't lose another day to distraction, now it's time to Focus and know that you are loved and significant, and with Jesus, you can change the world!

About the Author

Cleere Cherry is the owner and creator of Cleerely Stated, a successful business that started with a simple blog and turned into a full-blown gift line that can be found online and in retail stores. Well known for her easy to-relate, practical writing style, Cleere's passion is to help people recalibrate, refocus, and remember who they are in Jesus. She was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina. A proud Tarheel alumni, she is a newlywed.

A note from author Cleere Cherry Reaves

This book is based off a challenge I accepted last year— a challenge to focus on one word a week, a challenge to shift my thinking from trying to do everything perfectly to just getting better at one practice, one week at a time. That’s how Jesus works—He meets us in our diligence and delights in us as we stop striving and begin resting in Him. I don’t want us to waste another minute not living the abundant life God has called us to, which means that we are going to have to get serious about what God has told us and start applying the Truth. We can do one word a week, no matter how busy life is.

My challenge to you is to read one entry a week, then really focus on that word throughout the week.

Write it on the top of your planner, whisper it under your breath as you go about your day, memorize the supporting Scriptures. When you do this, you’re sure to find the power of focusing on one word—one practice, one thing God is calling you to do, whether that be rest, peace, diligence, worship, etc.

I am praying for you as you Focus.

I am excited to see how He shows up for you throughout this process. Please know that you are loved and significant, and with Jesus, you can change the world.

Love, Cleere

Aspire to make one small change by focusing on one simple word per week all year long.

  • 52 life transforming focus words, one for each week of the year.
  • Each focus word begins with a Bible verse and a mind-renewing devotion.
  • Weekly "Focus Tips" offer creative challenges for personal application.
  • Focus on four additional promises in scripture related to your word.
  • Simple guided prayers set your heart and mind on your focus word daily.
  • "Taking inventory" helps you reflect on all your words for that month

Focus can thoughtfully transform your life, your work, your errands and conversations toward the people you love and toward God who calls you to deeper.

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52 weekly Bible verses and devotional thought related to each word.

He has showered His kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. –Ephesians 1:8 NLT

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Focus Tip includes creative ideas, thoughts and challenges to keep focus in the week ahead.

Focus Tip: This week, when you find yourself trying to avoid that certain someone, remember kindness and turn around, talk to them, give them your time, and share the love of Christ.

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Four additional scriptures and a short guided prayer for memory and focus. each day of the week.

This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says: Judge fairly, and show mercy and kindness to one another. ––Zechariah 7:9 NLT

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Taking Inventory revisits each focus word from the previous month with 3 questions for personal application.

Take a few minutes to reflect upon the last four weeks . How did it go? What is God showing you?

Focus Devotional Excerpt

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Focus Word: Renew

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. –Colossians 3:2 ESV

The average person generates over 50,000 thoughts per day. With only 86,400 seconds in a day (28,800 of which should be spent sleeping), that means we only have 57,600 seconds to think these 50,000 thoughts— almost one thought per second. This also means that there is no way our minds do not feel like they are traveling on a neverending roller coaster. The crazy thing about the mind is that we have the brainpower and foresight to understand cause and effect. We understand that when we allow something to fester in our mind, it will either propel us toward our destiny or push us toward a setback. However, we can also deceive ourselves into thinking that we do not have to take authority over our thoughts.

Because behavior is what we see, we often equate change to behavior modification. If we can just alter this behavior or quit this habit, then everything will be different, right? However, any significant and lasting change is always possible because of a renewed mind. When we stop treating our thoughts as though they are our customers and we are waiting on them, we can begin to nurture good thoughts and tell the other ones to hit the road—no conversation necessary. As we begin to realize that our thoughts don’t “happen” to us, we take ownership over our thought life and can begin pursuing the mind of Christ. Whether it be in the music we listen to, the social media we engage in, the friends we choose, or the hobbies we pursue—we will choose what aligns with a mind that pleases God.

With the mind of Christ, we do not grow weary when the unexpected occurs because we trust what He is doing. We do not fear opposition because we know that He is fighting for us . We see the future as hopeful because we know that He is working out all things for our good and His glory. We see those around us as brothers and sisters, no longer competing, condemning, or comparing ourselves because we know that He gives us the gift of each other. And no matter our circumstances, we can remain in a posture of peace because He is in control.

Our thoughts will wander, but if we continue to realign our focus, remember His Word, and renew our mind, we will see the power of Christ at work. A mind set on Jesus is a mind that will change the whole world .

FOCUS TIP: This week, as you focus on the word renew, try to capture your negative thoughts and recalibrate your mind into thoughts of gratefulness and love.

PRAYER: Jesus, renew my mind and restore my thoughts. Amen