Car Seat Tag - Please Don’t Touch - CPSIA Safety Tested

Car Seat Tag - Please Don’t Touch - CPSIA Safety Tested

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Let's face it, babies are darn cute and irresistible! It is stressful for new mom's when everyone wants to touch your little one. These signs are a great way to politely ask others to admire your precious baby from a distance and not touch them.

They can be used on your baby's car seat, stroller, crib, or baby carrier! This includes a hanging strap that allows you to secure the tag tightly in place wherever you would like it! Basically anywhere your little one will rest. This saying is printed on the FRONT & BACK of each 5” tag. They are printed directly on plastic for rigidity and for easy cleaning. Simply wipe clean with your disinfectant wipes.

These signs help new moms not feel uncomfortable with people around their newborn! Definitely a stress reliever!

5” – printed on both sides

Includes hanging strap 

Hang from car seat, stroller or baby carrier

  • As seen on the Doctors, The Bump, Scary Mommy, People Magazine, ABC News, and many more! 

"Because babies who have been in the NICU and who haven’t had their vaccines are more likely than other babies to get sick, it is very important to limit their exposure to germs," said Melissa Gehl, March of Dimes director of NICU Innovation. "One very effective way to do this is to put a ‘please don’t touch me’ sign on their stroller, so that well-meaning people in grocery stores, shopping malls, or other places in the community don’t spread germs by touching the baby."